About Us

About Us

Mabel Consulting is a Service & Consulting company dedicated to the support of Italian companies oriented towards the Chinese market.

Our Team

Made up of professionals with several years of experience and specified skills acquired in production management, human resources, accounting & administration, purchasing, logistics and sales.

Our Mission

We are able to offer consultancy and operational services whose purpose is the development of business, investment projects and the promotion of cooperation and partnership between Italian and Chinese companies.

Mabel Consulting is a Business Consulting Firm dedicated to the support of Italian SMEs and Institutions interested in internationalization and intending to do business in China.  MBC supports as well Chinese companies Institutions to run their business in Italy, promoting investment projects and partnership between Italian and Chinese firms.


MBC acts as an operative partner and consultant, supporting clients to develop their business thanks to a Team of Professionals (both Chinese and Italian) with several years of experience on the Chinese corporate and industrial market. 


Production/plant, engineering, business management, HR, accounting, administration, procurement, logistics, marketing and sales: our team is able to support our clients in several kind of projects, overcoming cultural, geographical communication and political-administrative barriers and guaranteeing maximum practicality and performance thanks to a network of several local and international Partners and to the good relations with the Local Authorities. 


MBC  supports the customers from the very beginning and start-up of their projects (market analysis, inspections, certifications) to the further steps of business development and commercial activities, acting also as a temporary Representative Office for customers who might need it